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Zombies are a variety of undead that become animated due to any number of magical phenomenon, but most often through sinister magic. They are mindless walking corpses, determined to attack any living thing they encounter. Because of this profound lack of intelligence, any instructions given to zombies must be exceedingly simple.

Zombies do not leave clear footprints, as they do not lift their feet as they walk. Instead, they drag their feet along the ground


Because a zombie can be created of virtually any solid creature's corpse, there are a vast variety of types of different sizes and races. Some of these varieties include...

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "This corpse has somehow been animated, but not actually restored to life. It wanders mindlessly, drawn to attack the living." (NWN "Examine" Description)


Real WorldEdit

Zombies are on of the first monsters created for Dungeons & Dragons and are common monsters across the various campaign settings.

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