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A Yeti chases Alexander

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A Yeti with a face-full of pie

Yetis or Abominable Snowmen are large, hairy humanoid creatures found in the mountains of the World of Daventry, most especially in the Great Mountains of Serenia. They have sharp teeth and fangs, as well as long claws. Their fur is coarse and bears a pungent odor. While it is believed that yetis do not have any intellectual capacity, scholars allow for the fact that no one has yet survived attempting to converse with one so there is little evidence either way. Yetis are possibly related to the Frost Demons that populate the Frozen Reaches.

Although yetis are not uncommon, they live solitary lives until they mate. After mating, the male and female will live together until death. Yetis are highly territorial, and will ferociously defend the deep mountain caves in which they live.

The path to Daventry from the shore took Alexander past a cavern inhabited by one such creature.

A Yeti invaded Queen Icebella's Realm shortly before Mordack attacked Castle Daventry. Queen Icebella sent Graham to defeat the yeti, which he did by throwing a custard pie into its face. Without its sight, it fell from the high cliffs of the mountains.



AGDI UniverseEdit

There is only one yeti -- after being outwitted by Alexander, he moved to Queen Icebella's Realm and took over her prized crystal cave.

Real WorldEdit

Yetis are creatures who appear in King's Quest III: To Heir is Human and King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.

The King's Quest Companion calls the Abominable Snowman in KQ3 a Yeti, and the Yeti in KQ5 an Abominable Snowman in various sections (An Encyclopedia of Daventry, and the hint sections). The second edition explains they are the same race. There is nothing specific to suggest that the one seen in each game is the same character or not, but it does point out that they are a common species in the high altitudes.

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