The Paladin battles a Wraith in QfG4

Powerful undead, the Wraiths in Mordavia are the spirits of jealous, miserly men who hoard treasure even in death. Their spirits lurk at the sites of their death, where they keep a collection of treasure from life and add to their hoard from what they can obtain from their victims. The mounds which mark the site of a wraith appear only at night, when wraiths are able to attack. Like most undead, wraiths draw stamina out of their victims, but at a much faster rate than other spirits. Spells like Aura are effective against this effect, as are certain magical amulets. As the Undead Unguent is useful against the same effect from undead in Spielburg Valley, it would most likely also aid against the Mordavian Wraiths. What is harder to defend against are the powerful spells wraiths are able to command.

Notable WraithsEdit

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "These are the jealous ghosts of miserly men. A Wraith always hovers near the site of its death, guarding some item of value. These undead spirits are powerful and can cast magical spells. They also have the innate ability to drain the health of anyone who ventures too near them. Unless you have magical protection, avoid Wraiths!" (Excerpt from the QfG4 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Wraiths are monsters that appear in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. They are also mentioned in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero.

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