Wolfgang Abenteuer was once a skilled adventurer who embarked on many quests and journeys with his close friends and comrades-at-arms Baron Stefan von Spielburg and Sheriff Schultz Meistersson. While in his prime, Wolfgang is known to have slain Cheetaurs, Northern Trolls, and Griffins (and a vicious moose!); the trophies of some of these kills hang in the Spielburg Adventurers Guild. After Baba Yaga's curse took hold, however, and Stefan ventured out less and less, Wolfgang too retired from adventuring. Still, he maintained the Adventurers Guild, which frequently entertained adventurers with weekly card games for many years, until the disappearance of Barnard von Spielburg. During this time, Wolfgang did occasionally venture out to rescue foolish or unprepared adventurers.

When the Hero reached the valley, he found Wolfgang a sleepy old man who spent most of his time reminiscing about the way things once were. Nevertheless, Wolfgang's nearly limitless knowledge of Spielburg Valley and the monsters that dwell within it proved incredibly useful.

Real WorldEdit

Wolfgang Abenteuer is a character in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?.

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