Wisps are powerful, magical entities of nature closely aligned with the Night Elves. So close is this connection that, it is believed, sometimes when a Night Elf dies, their spirit takes the form of a wisp. Wisps are able to become Ancients, grow plants such as trees with incredible speed and grow buildings out of trees. Wisps can also explode, causing damage to any enemies around them.

Wisps, first and foremost, protect nature and secondly, serve the will of the Night Elves. The reasons behind this obedience is unknown, but because of it wisps can be seen guiding Night Elf ships, growing settlements for them from the trees and performing other tasks.

Warcraft Lore Night Elf wisps kill Archimonde and save the World Tree!02:42

Warcraft Lore Night Elf wisps kill Archimonde and save the World Tree!

The Wisps slay Archimonde at the Battle of Mount Hyjal

A massive number of Wisps known as the Ancestral Spirits, called by the Horn of Cenarius, destroyed Archimonde at Nordrassil at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, thus saving Azeroth from destruction at the hands of the Burning Legion. Most of these wisps were utterly destroyed, so the number of wisps present in the world is considerably less than it once was.


Real WorldEdit

Wisps were first seen in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos but have continued to appear throughout World of Warcraft.

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