Willy was a boy buried in the Whateley Cemetery most likely before the estate withdrew to the World of Daventry. Willy's gravestone reads:

"Reader, here lies -- but forbear
To read more without fear -- one I cannot speak the rest,
You may weep, I'll smite my breast
Grief preventing, and this stone,
Too small to be written on.
Only this -- a little boy,
Willy -- in Abram's bosom laid."

He was buried with a toy horse, a fact that resulted in his spirit's restlessness. He haunted Whateley Manor as a mischievous spirit. He was the last apparition to appear before Rosella, who dug up his grave and brought his toy horse to him. Before his sprit began to rest, it revealed to her the sheet music necessary to find the crypt key that was hidden in the mansion. After leading her up to the attic, he vanished.

Real WorldEdit

Willy is a character in King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella, one of the spirits that Rosella must lay to rest.

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