Water Elemental in the AGDI VGA remake

Water Elementals are the most feared of all elementals, as they will draw the water out of a living body and leave it a dried corpse. The essence of water is attraction, and it will attract all nearby water to it. It is vulnerable to only to the element of air.

After the Hero defeated the earth elemental, Ad Avis summoned one final elemental to destroy Shapeir. The Water Elemental quickly took its place in the endless water supply of the Fountain of Shapeir. The Hero used his captive air elemental to blow the water elemental out of the fountain. The elemental latched on to the nearest source of water -- the waterskin the quick-thinking adventurer had placed on the ground. After defeating Ad Avis in Raseir, the Hero took his captive water elemental and made her refill the Fountain of Raseir.

Real WorldEdit

The Water Elemental is the last elemental that the player must defeat in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

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