Warmaster Garves in Duels

The trainer of the Duelists of Phyrra, Warmaster Garves separates the weaklings from those who will actually survive at least a few of their duels.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "I heard once that you don't count on your enemy not attacking, you count on being ready when he does." (From Battle Preparations Warstorm card)
  • "Who cares if it smells like an orc? It'll keep you alive." (From Red Tide Shield Warstorm card)
  • "It takes a strong man to pull this bow, but it almost aims itself." (From Silvintri Longbow Warstorm card)

Real WorldEdit

The character Warmaster Garves is the character who gives the tutorial to new players of both Duels and Warstorm .

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