Walters, a Half-Elf was once a member of the Sword Coast Boys, until he left the gang due to outgrowing Drawl's bullying method of leadership and false promises. He joined the Neverwinter Militia. The Sword Coast Boys never forgave Walters for this perceived betrayal, although he still considered most of them his friends.

After becoming a lich, Drawl captured Walters. As vengeance for his betrayal, Drawl tortured the guard by forcing him to watch each of the Sword Coast Boys become a zombie, as well as beating him. When the Hero of Neverwinter freed Walters, the guard was too weak to survive well on his own. Once the zombies were dealt with, he was able to return to his post at the gate to the Beggar's Nest.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "This half-elf militia guard looks like he has seen better days. His captor has not been gentle." ("Examine" Description)

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