Walid in QfG2 VGA

Walid is a member of the Bedouins, a nomadic people of the desert. This hardy lifestyle and strict training has turned Walid into one of the most effective fighters of the Eternal Order of Fighters. He uses these skills, now, to guard the Palace of Shapeir.

When the Hero was initiated into the order, he was pitted against Walid. He won, disarming his foe and leaving Walid's life was in his hands.

  • If the Hero was honorable he allowed Walid to live. Later, Walid spoke of this mercy at the adventurer's hero ceremony at the Palace of Shapeir.
  • If the Hero was not honorable, he stabbed the unarmed Walid at the urging of the other members of E.O.F -- only to find his sword to be fake.

Real WorldEdit

Walid is a character who appears in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire and it's VGA remake by AGDI.

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