Official DescriptionEdit

"A spirit that has crossed the Aether Void and come back to this plane, Voltair haunts the land looking for his physical body."


  • Aetherscepter

    Aether Scepter

    Aether Scepter - "Instilled with powerful arcane energies, Voltair wields the power Aether Scepter which has been observed to make entire armies."
  • Visage of Voltair - "The Visage of Voltair allows its wielder to view the world from multiple planes, allowing for the secrets of this mystic land to be unlocked."
  • Force Stone - "Voltair must protect its precious Force Stone at all times since it is the relic alone which allows the spirit to exist on the physical plane."

Real WorldEdit

Voltair is a character in Castle Age: Heart of Darkness.

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