Vollo Brightbloom is a Bright Gnome who was born a Spirit Mage, able to attack with a telekinetic barrage of inanimate objects.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "When Vollo's parents denied him cake as a child, they found themselves bombarded by his toys. They learned that he had been born a spirit mage, with psychokinetic powers. Though feared and hated for his rare mutation, Vollo remains as annoyingly cheerful as all bright gnomes."

Real WorldEdit

Vollo Brightbloom was a limited edition General available to [ players] of Dawn of the Dragons during September 2010 for 30 Planet Coins. He counted as a Ranged General with a Special Attribute. He began with 22 Attack and 4 defense (both of which gained 4 by level 5.) His ability was Telekinetic Barrage, giving the player a chance for bonus damage.

External LinksEdit

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