Vladimir Tsepish

Count Vladimir Tsepish in KQ7

The benevolent ruler and High Paladin of Ooga Booga, Count Vladimir Tsepish kept the Boogeyman at bay and the Ghoul Kids under control with the aid of his wife, Elspeth Tsepish and dog Black Valiant. As part of Malicia's evil schemes, her Gargoyle beheaded the count.

The head was placed a tomb, the door of which was inscribed:

"Count Vladimir Tsepish

Fearless Warrior,

Devoted Husband,

And Lord Protector of Ooga Booga land."

Unable to rest while wickedness ruled his land, Tsepish's mindless corpse rode through his land on a dangerous rampage on his steed Necromancer. Valanice returned the Tsepish Skull to the lord of the land, calming him from his deadly ride. He gave her a fife with which to summon Necromancer and then set about restoring his land from the evil that had befallen it.

Behind the scenesEdit

His name is inspired by Vlad Tepes (or "Vlad the Impaler") who was the inspiration behind Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel (Dracula was destroyed in the novel by being stabbed in the heart, and having his head removed). In the King's Quest universe, however, he is clearly more inspired by the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow or Dullahan than by Dracula and is treated as an entirely separate entity than Count Dracula (KQ) in the World of Daventry. Vladimir Tsepish appears in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.

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