Vindicator Aldar is a Draenei Paladin, a member of the Hand of Argus. When he awoke at the Crash Site having survived the crash, he took command of making the area safe.

When Technician Zhanaa began collecting parts from the crashed Exodar, Vindicator Aldar sent a few young adventurers, who had been sent to him by Botanist Taerix, out to keep the Nestlewood Owlkin from interfering. Those that had not been irradiated were to be inoculated with Inoculating Crystals.

After that task had been completed, he sent the adventurers out again, this time to find his missing scout Tolaan. Before long, they returned bearing news. He rewarded the adventurers with a choice of weapons, and then sent them to speak with Zhanaa in regards to the Holographic Emitter she had been attempting to repair.

Real WorldEdit

Vindicator Aldar is a level 6 quest giver in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

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