Vidrick is one of the most feared figures of Nirros. He led Count Elric's armies as the first commander, as well as serving as the head torturer of the Black Citadel. Legends state that this massive, terrifying warrior has demon blood flowing through his veins. So feared is he that Vidrick's name is used as a threat to scold children.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "First commander of Count Elric's armies, and head torturer of the Black Citadel, Vidrick is a warrior of great renown. Rumored to have demon blood in his veins, his ferocity is the stuff of legends. "Don't forget to do your chores or you'll end up in Vidrick's cellar you will!" is a common mock-threat in Crucible."

Real WorldEdit

Vidrick is a General available for purchase from the Temple in Haven on Facebook. He costs 35 favor points, with stats of 5 strength, 5 agility, and 5 intelligence.

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