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Barbarians of the desert, the Varanthari are a people divided into four main tribes. Though most adventurers hail from the largest, most settled of these tribes the Mordebi Varanthari are also known across Qalia as deadly bandits. All Varanthari ride and revere their horses, believing them to be the god Alurad's greatest creation.

Official DescriptionEdit

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Descendents of the sea-faring Varansul, the Varanthari are master riders and infamous raiders. Their traditions of the horse and rider has influenced their culture, with horse lords leading raiders to plunder caravans and villages of the other races. In recent years, the Varanthari have settled down somewhat, but the vast majority still roam for years at a time. Deeply spiritual, many Varanthari claim to receive whispers from the spirits of Telon which are widely considered superstition by other races. Despite this, Varanthari have an unshakable confidence and trust in their own race, to the point of arrogance to other races. A Varanthari is difficult to confuse or awe, and they always seem to have a response for anything Telon may throw at them. Because of this, they live in Lomshir, and ignore the visiting races from other worlds and planes that pass through, such as the Kurashasa.

"The generations spent in the harsh wastelands of Qalia have hardened the Varanthari's skin.

The Varanthari are a stout, but simple people. With no focus on formal combat, the Varanthari make do with basic melee skills and natural magic in combat. The Varanthari have been known to be Warriors, Rangers, Shamans, Druids."

Real WorldEdit

The Varanthari are a playable race in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

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