Vampires are the most powerful and frightening of the Undead of Gloriana. Though they are allergic to garlic, cannot survive in sunlight, and must sleep helplessly in their coffins during the day they are not to be trifled with. Vampires can hypnotize others to their will and retain any magical abilities they had in life. They are also capable of shapeshifting and flying. They feed on the blood of others to survive. The only certain way to kill a vampire is to thrust a wooden stake through its heart.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Most feared of the Living Undead, the Nosferatu are also the most powerful. They drink the blood of the living to maintain their unnatural existence. They have a natural ability to charm their victims before sucking out their life blood. Vampires can also create other Vampires from their victims. These new Vampires are slaves to the will of their Vampire creators.

Vampires are forced to flee the light of day, and must sleep helplessly in their coffins. Destruction of a Vampire is best done with a stake driven through its heart. At night, the Nosferatu are virtually invulnerable to attack. If the Vampire was a Magic User in life, it retains its magical abilities as an Undead. They are also reputed to have superhuman strength. The Vampire is truly the most dangerous of monsters!" (Excerpt from QfG4 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Vampires appears in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

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