Umber Hulks are massive, lumbering insectoid monstrosities. These subterranean monsters carry themselves like apes. When confronted, Umber Hulks are known to leave massive destruction behind them and are considered amongst some of the most dangerous monsters of the world. They are able to sense tremors in the ground, see in the dark, and are generally able to detect anything around them. One of their multiple eyes also seems capable of confusing their enemies with merely a look.

Although most people believe Umber Hulks are unintelligent, this is not the case. Some Umber Hulks have been known to speak in languages such as Terran and frequently create traps, generally involving tunnels collapsing in on their enemies.

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • 250px-Umber Hulk
    "Subterranean monsters that look like a cross between a great ape and a beetle, Umber Hulks leave behind a wake of destruction wherever they go." (NWN "Examine" Description)

Real WorldEdit

Umber Hulks are monsters found in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns including Neverwinter Nights.

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