Tritons are a race of merfolk that populate the Med Sea, ruled over by Queen Hippolyta. They are what remains of the magical population of Atlantis after the city sank beneath the waves. The wizards of Atlantis created the Dragon of Doom, and when its destructive powers proved too much for them to handle they sought to escape the devastation. As a last resort, they magical transformed the entire population of Atlantis into half-fish, half-human creatures and sank their home beneath the waves.

Typically, the Tritons are friendly to "air-breathers" unless provoked. During the events following the assassination of King Justinian, however, the Hesparian Mercenaries incited a war between the Tritons and the kingdom of Silmaria. The Hero was able to negotiate a peace treaty between the two nations during the Rite of Peace.

Real WorldEdit

Tritons are a monster found in Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire.

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