Toby in QfG4

One of the minions of the Dark Master, Toby followed his master's orders explicitly. When he was ordered to befriend the little girl Tanya Markarov, however, that began to change. His friendship with the girl soon became his primary concern. He brought her Vana the Doll to play with. Eventually, he brought Tanya with him to Castle Borgov was she was turned into a vampire child.

When the Hero brought Vana to Tanya and explained that she could be brought back to her parents with the sacrifice of someone's life, Toby went to Erana's Staff with the girl and the Hero and willingly sacrificed his life to restore Tanya's life to her, so that she could be reunited with her family.

Real WorldEdit

Toby is a character in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness.

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