The Three Bears are a family of civilized, talking humanoid bears living in Llewdor in a quaint cottage. Though each member of the family is vastly different, they are a functional family with each member caring for the others. Their home has been broken into twice -- once by Goldilocks and once by Alexander of Daventry.

Alexander sent restitution in the form of gold for his own crimes against the family back to Llewdor with Derek Karlavaegen, although when they learned of what the prince had been going through they immediately forgave him. Still, they gratefully took the offered gold.

The three members of the family are:

They are also known as the "Bear Family".


AGDI UniverseEdit

The Three Bears have been renamed the Behr Family. They consist of:

  • George Behr
  • Mildred Behr
  • Junior Behr

Their role is otherwise unchanged.

Real WorldEdit

The Three Bears appear in King's Quest III: To Heir is Human.

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