Thrall, or Go'el as is his birthname, is the Orc who reunited the Horde after the Second War and returned them to their shamanistic ways. Since then, he has become one of the most powerful shamans on all of Azeroth. He has given up his post as Warchief of the Horde to become the Horde's representative in the Earthen Ring.

Unlike many Orcs, Thrall is notable for his willingness to take all individuals at face value, not judging them by their race but by their deeds.


Lord of the ClansEdit

473px-Aedelas and Tammis found Thrall

The discovery of the infant Thrall

Go'el was born the son of Durotan and Draka of the Frostwolf Clan. His parents were soon slain by Aealas Blackmoore, who commanded by Orc Internment Camps that were established after the Second War. Blackmoore found Thrall amongst the corpses of his slain parents and clan, and took the Orc to be his servant. He named him "Thrall", meaning servant.
728px-Thrall as a gladiator

Thrall as a gladiator

They traveled to Durnholde Keep, where Thrall was raised as a gladiator -- savage as an Orc, but with the strategic training of a human. Despite the difficult conditions in which he lived,Thrall befriended the human woman Taretha Foxton -- the daughter of his wet-nurse Clannia Foxton. Eventually, he wrote a letter to Taretha expressing his desire to escape. She created a diversion which allowed Thrall to escape from the fortress. Taretha met him at a cave outside in the Hillsbrad Foothills and gave him a few supplies. Thrall fled, hoping never to return to Durnholde Keep again.
800px-Taretha allows Thrall to escape

Thrall escapes Durnholde Keep

These events would later be slightly altered as the Champions of Azeroth would be forced to prevent the Infinite Dragonflight from keeping Thrall in his servitude. With their help, however, Thrall managed to escape. The Bronze Dragonflight then altered Thrall's memory so that he recalled the original version of his escape.

Thrall prisoner

Thrall imprisoned

Thrall was soon captured by Lorin Remka and taken to an internment camp. Here, Thrall met Kelgar. The old orc spoke of the way things had been before the corruption of Gul'dan. He spoke of Grom Hellscream, the only other Orc he knew of who thought the old ways had been better for the Orcs. Because of this, when Blackmoore arrived in search of Thrall, the Orc escaped and sought out the Warsong Clan.

Thrall found Grom Hellscream and proved his worth to him quickly. Grom took the young Orc under his wing for a time, eventually teaching him the Orcish tongue and telling him that he thought Thrall was part of the exiled Frostwolf Clan. Thrall departed to find his roots in the Alterac Mountains.

He found the Frostwolf Orcs and met Drek'thar, who told him he was the son of the clan's chieftain. Thrall soon made a home for himself among the Frostwolf Clan. A frost wolf named Snowsong chose Thrall as her companion -- forming a long-lasting partnership of equals, rather than the standard relationship between a master and his mount. Sometime after this, Drek'thar called Thrall away and initiated him into the ways of the shaman.

Thrall befriended the elementals of fire, earth, wind, and air. When he returned to the camp, he was a changed Orc. This spoke greatly of the destiny of the young Orc, as this showed the elements had forgiven the Orcs for consorting with demons. A new generation of Shamans was to be born.

Some time later, a stranger arrived to speak with Thrall. He provoked the young Orc into a fight, which Thrall won. Only then did the stranger reveal himself to be Orgrim Doomhammer, the Warchief of the Horde. Only one Orc had ever defeated Doomhammer in one-on-one combat before -- Thrall's father Durotan. Doomhammer gave Thrall the position of being second-in-command of the Horde. Then, they set about freeing the Orcs from the internment camps.

602px-Thrall Wei
Thrall infiltrated each camp, posing as a prisoner, then he spurred the Orcs into action from within. This scheme worked to liberate three of the internment camps, but upon reaching the fourth Thrall was recognized. Instead of infiltrating the camp, the newly revitalized Horde attacked, aided by Thrall's shamanistic powers. During the ensuing battle, Doomhammer was slain. With his last breath, he bequeathed his hammer and armor to Thrall. This camp would become the Horde outpost of Hammerfall.

As the new warchief, Thrall led the Horde in an attack against Durnholde Keep. Before the battle, he met with Taretha in secret and asked her to leave the fortress. She refused, having become the mistress of Blackmoore she was fearful of what would happen if her disappearance was noticed. Thrall made an attempt to parlay with Blackmoore -- who was drunk upon the Orc's arrival. In response, he threw Taretha's severed head into the courtyard, saying that was how he would repay traitors. The battle began.

Eventually, Thrall cornered Blackmoore and gave him opportunity for a fair fight. Blackmoore explained to Thrall that the two of them together could subjugate the Alliance, but Thrall was enraged at Taretha's fate. He slew Blackmoore in his rage.

When Thrall emerged from the castle, he found his Orcs had been victorious. He gave the surviving commander of the fortress, Lord Karramyn Langston a message for the rest of the Alliance. He declared that the orcs were now free and that they were claiming land for themselves, and that they were willing to enter peaceful trade with the Alliance. He warned, however, that the Horde as it now was would be a greater threat than the previous Horde had been if the Alliance chose to be hostile towards them.

He later composed the song lok'vadnod to commemorate the life of Taretha.

Reign of ChaosEdit


Thrall in Warcraft III

Thrall and Grom Hellscream began the task of uniting the Horde. Though the Horde grew steadily, it was not until some time later in the Arathi Highlands that Thrall had any idea of the great destiny awaiting the Orcs. He received a strange dream of armies clashing and fire pouring from the sky, a voice warning him of things to come.
Thrall's Vision Warchief

A scene from Thrall's vision

When he awoke, Thrall realized that this was a vision granted to him by a powerful and mysterious prophet. Taking the advice given in the dream, Thrall gathered the Orcs together and prepared to set sail for the lost continent of Kalimdor. In the midst of the preparations, Grom was captured by humans. Thrall led the effort to rescue him, which succeeded. Grom then suggested they simply steal human ships. Thrall agreed, and the Orcs soon left the human lands of the Eastern Kingdoms forever.
Thrall's Vision Thrall Wakes Up

Thrall awakens from his vision

Before they crossed the Great Sea, a storm near the Maelstrom beset part of the fleet. They took shelter on an island, where the Darkspear Trolls resided. They met the troll leader Sen'jin, who told them of a Kul Tiras outpost on the island that constantly attacked the trolls. The orcs leapt into action, attacking the human base. Thrall also reactivated a Fountain of Health on the island, before he and the Orcs discovered that the island was the base of an active volcano. Thrall slew the leader of the humans, but the battle did not end there -- and it was then that the Murlocs attacked, seeking sacrifices for the unnatural rituals. Thrall was kidnapped by the fish people, and soon learned that they were planning to sacrifice him to the naga sea witch Zar'jira. Thrall then used his shamanistic powers to free himself and his followers. It was then he learned that Sen'jin had been taken as the first sacrifice. Thrall rushed to the altar to stop the ritual, but was too late, watching horrified as the Murloc Sorcerer slew the troll leader. Thrall killed the sorcerer, and listened as Sen'jin revealed with his dying breath that he had seen a vision of Thrall leading the Darkspear Trolls to greatness. Thrall accepted this responisibility and welcomed the trolls into the Horde.

Thrall rides into battle on a black wolf

With that, the Horde emerged from the cave and confronted the sea witch herself. She placed a terrible curse upon them, that they would be swallowed by the sea and that a dark tide would swallow them all. Thrall and the Horde escaped to their ships, which were not yet ready to sail. The orcs and trolls held off attacks from the murlocs long enough to repair the ships and escape.

SOTS Thrall
Shortly afterwards, the ships wrecked off the coast of Kalimdor. Most of the orcs survived, though the clans were scattered once more. Thrall traveled along the coastline to reunite the Horde. While exploring the land, the Orcs encountered the brutal centaurs and the noble Tauren. Leaping to the defense of the Tauren against the centaurs, Thrall met the chieftain of the Bloodhoof Tribe, Cairne Bloodhoof. The Orcs and the Tauren battled the centaur, and then the Orcs helped the Bloodhoof Tribe resettle in the plains of Mulgore. Cairne then told Thrall the location of the Oracle in the Stonetalon Mountains, saying that would help the Orcs in their quest for their destiny.

In the Stonetalon Mountains, Thrall discovered Grom Hellscream battling humans of the Alliance, under the command of Jaina Proudmoore. Thrall was forced into the conflict, despite trying his best to avoid it. While his forces fought, he sought out goblins, hoping to purchase passage to the peak of the mountain aboard a zeppelin. Thrall grew concerned with Grom's bloodlust, and so ordered him to stay behind while Thrall traveled to the peak of the mountain. When he arrived, he found that Jaina had also reached the Oracle. The two prepared to fight, when a voice stopped them. Thrall realized this Oracle was the same one who had spoken to him in his vision -- Medivh. The prophet demanded the Alliance and the Horde put aside their differences to stop the Burning Legion. Reluctantly, they agreed. Medivh also told Thrall of Grom Hellscream's demonic corruption.


Thrall and Grom face Mannoroth

Thrall returned to the Barrens to find Grom and the Warsong Clan. A battle began between the Warsong Clan and the rest of the Horde, and in the midst of the battle demonic Infernals began to fall from the sky. With the help of the Tauren, Thrall battled through the Chaos Orcs and reached Grom Hellscream. When the two finally confronted each other, Grom told Thrall the Orc chieftains had willingly given themselves to demonic corruption. Thrall used his shamanistic power, along with Kaldorei magic, to capture Grom's essence in a soul gem. Using a ritual, Thrall removed the demonic energy from Grom -- who became instantly apologetic. Grom and Thrall then led an attack against Mannoroth, the demon who had corrupted the Orcs. Thrall's initial assault was quickly ended, and the demon would have killed the shaman if not for Grom Hellscream, who jumped at Mannoroth and planted his axe deep in the beast's belly. Mannoroth exploded, fatally wounding Grom in the process but freeing the Orcs from the Blood Curse forever. Thrall and Jaina traveled into Ashenvale to battle the Burning Legion, only to find the Night Elves attacking them out of vengeance for the fall of Cenarius. A multi-front battle began, with the undead, elves, humans and orcs all attacking each other. Eventually, Thrall brought Jaina to a grove at the base of Mount Hyjal in response to a vision he had received. He was surprised to find Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, the leaders of the Night Elves, there as well. Medivh revealed himself once more, explaining that he was the last Guardian of Tirisfal and that all of the races had to band together to defeat Archimonde and stop the Burning Legion's invasion. Uneasily, the groups agreed. Three bases were established on the mountain to slow the demonic forces from reaching the World Tree Nordrassil. While the demonic attack was slowed, Malfurion Stormrage called upon the Wisps to attack Archimonde. Finally, the great demon was defeated.
472px-Thrall hrone

The Founding of DurotarEdit

Following the great victory at Mount Hyjal, Thrall led the Orcs back to the Barrens where he was determined to create a homeland for them. They settled into an area he called Durotar, after his father. They constructed a great city, which was named Orgrimmar after the former warchief. The trolls settled into the Echo Isles off the coast, and the Tauren returned to Mulgore.

It was soon after this that Thrall met Rexxar of the Mok'Nathal Clan, who came to him bearing news of Mogrin at the hands of Quillboars. Thrall welcomed Rexxar to the newly formed land of Durotar and invited him to stay, though Rexxar insisted he would need to earn his keep. Thrall agreed and sent Rexxar to find anyone who needed work done for them. Thrall remained in Orgrimmar, helping build the city, but word reached him of Rexxar's deeds.

Rexxar soon returned with word that humans were amassing on the shores of Durotar and sought to meet with Thrall. Thrall sent Rexxar in his place, and the half-ogre returned with word that the meeting had been a deception. Thrall sent Rexxar with a message for Jaina, to arrange a peace summit. Rexxar returned with a report that Admiral Daelin Proudmoore was the culprit, not Jaina. Thrall sent word to Cairne Bloodhoof and recruited the Tauren to help defend Durotar against the human fleet, and then the Horde attacked Proudmoore's base. Goblin shipwrights were hired to construct vessels that could break the naval blockade. At the climax of the battle, Rexxar slew the admiral. Thrall declared Rexxar a Champion of the Horde.

Cycle of HatredEdit

Warchief Thrall

Thrall from the WoW: TCG

Orgrimmar grew over the course of the next three years, however a number of incidents between Durotar and Theramore Isle threatened the stability of the area. Jaina and Thrall worked desperately for peace. Eventually, the Orc Burx took a contingent of Orcs to Northwatch Hold and demanded it be dismantled. Soon, it was revealed that Burx served the Burning Blade Clan. Thrall denounced Burx, though the Orc protested his actions were in the best interest of the Horde. Though the battle was ended, Burx would not cease his attack -- so Thrall killed him. These events led Jaina and Thrall to formalize a peace treaty.

World of WarcraftEdit

From his palace in Orgrimmar, Thrall oversaw the Horde and ensured that the adventurers who traveled Azeroth under the Horde's banner were doing what was best not only for the Horde but for the entire world. Thrall sent adventurers to infiltrate the Burning Blade at Skull Rock in Durotar, initially asking just for them to bring him a Lieutenant's Insignia.

Later, in an attempt to solidify peace with the Alliance, he sent adventurers to Blackrock Mountain to help the Bronzebeard Dwarves rescue Moira Bronzebeard from the Dark Iron Dwarves. The news that Moira was willingly married to Emperor Dagran Thaurissan was shocking and unnerving when it reached Thrall.

When word reached him that the Shattered Hand Clan had also taken up residence in the mountain and were allied with the Black Dragonflight, Thrall knew further action was necessary. He sent the adventurers to speak with Rexxar or Rokaro to find out more. Eventually, the adventurers returned with the Head of Nefarion, and sent the Heroes to Overlord Runthak to be recognized for the deed. The Heroes also returned, as Thrall had asked, with the Head of Rend Blackhand. When the Heroes later returned with the Head of Onyxia, Thrall had them do the same.

The Burning CrusadeEdit

When Blood Elf adventurers reached Orgrimmar, Thrall realized the value the Blood Elves could bring to the Horde. He sent them back to Silvermoon City with word for Lor'themar Theron that his people would be welcome in the Horde.

800px-Thrall and Geyah

Greatmother Geyah and Thrall meet.

Later, adventurers in Outlands discovered that Greatmother Geyah is the grandmother of Thrall. She bade them go to her grandchild and tell him of her so that she might see him. He immediately prepared to leave for Nagrand, telling the adventurers to let his grandmother know of his imminent arrival. It was from Greatmother Geyah that he learned of his the name his parents wished to bestow upon him: Go'el.

Thrall in Nagrand

At the urging of Greatmother Geyah, Thrall met with Garrosh Hellscream and showed him the heroic final act of his father.

Theramore Peace SummitEdit

When Thrall returned to Orgrimmar, he brought Garrosh with him as an advisor. Garrosh viewed the Alliance as enemies who needed to be wiped out, often fighting with the other advisors on the subject. It was about this time that Jaina called for a peace summit. She explained to Thrall all that had occurred with the disappearance of Varian Wrynn and his return, and she wanted to secure peace between the Horde and the Alliance. This first summit, at Razor Hill led to a second summit on Theramore Isle. Thrall brought Garrosh and Rehgar Earthfury, as well as some of his Kor'kron Honor Guard with him in preparation for his first meeting with Varian. The summit seemed to end well, with a trade agreement being reached. Varian, however, was called away when the Scourge began to attack Goldshire and Southshore.

Thrall Comic
As the leaders of each faction were leaving, the Twilight's Hammer attacked. Members of the Alliance races attacked the Horde leaders, members of the Horde races attacked the Alliance leaders. Both presumed treachery. Varian caught sight of Garona Halforcen, and believed Thrall had sent her to assassinate him as the Shadow Council had done with Varian's father. Garrosh blamed Varian for the attack, meanwhile Varian blamed Garrosh. Thrall attempted to convince the human king that Garona had not been sent by any of his people, but the king of Stormwind was still skeptical. Though a war was not started, it left the Alliance and the Horde mistrustful of each other. Jaina and Thrall were exceedingly disappointed in the outcome of the summit.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Horde goes to War, Thrall vs Garrosh07:49

Horde goes to War, Thrall vs Garrosh

Thrall and Garrosh duel.

Thrall returned to Orgrimmar as the Lich King's plans for a zombie infestation were enacted. Grand Apothecary Putress seemed to have found a cure for the plague, and so Thrall called a meeting of Garrosh, Reghar, Varok Saurfang, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Grand Apothecary Putress to plan what to do about the Scourge. Garrosh, frustrated by Thrall's caution and inaction on the matter and convinced that the Orcs should conquer the whole of Azeroth, challenged Thrall to a duel in the Ring of Valor. As Garrosh seemed to gain the upperhand, however, the duel was interrupted by a Herald of the Lich King. A sudden attack upon Orgrimmar by the Scourge began. Garrosh, Thrall, and Sylvanas led the city's defenses, aided by the city guards and a number of adventurers. When the battle had ended, Thrall ordered Saurfang to prepare the Horde for war.

Coinciding with this, several members of the Knights of the Ebon Blade arrived in Orgrimmar to seek an alliance with the Horde. Thrall welcomed them into the ranks of the Horde.

The Alliance similarly sent their forces to Northrend to defeat the Lich King. Their forces seemed to work together until the battle at Angrathar the Wrathgate, when an uprising broke out in the Undercity. Not willing to allow the Dreadlords serving Varimathras to take any of the Horde's territory, Sylvanas and Thrall planned an immediate counterattack. Simultaneously, Varian had ordered a siege of the Undercity in response to the death of Bolvar Fordragon at the hands of Putress -- who was, as it turned out, loyal to Varimathras.

Thrall snowsong Undercity

Thrall prepares to ride Snowsong into the Battle for the Undercity

Thrall, Vol'jin, Sylvanas, and Heroes of the Hordes entered the Undercity to reclaim it for the Horde. As the Battle for the Undercity raged on, the Alliance too entered the fray. Jaina Proudmoore, fortunately, prevented the Alliance and Horde from coming to blows at the end of the battle by teleporting the leaders of the Alliance back to Stormwind City. Thrall placed a legion of Kor'kron to guard the Undercity from further threats from within, and sent the heroes who had aided him back to Northrend while he returned to Orgrimmar, knowing that war had just begun with the Alliance.
800px-Thrall Jaina Ulduar Trailer

Thrall and Jaina watch as Garrosh and Varian fight

Before too long, Thrall was summoned to Dalaran at the behest of Rhonin. Thrall and Garrosh quickly traveled to the Violet Citadel to see what the trouble was, arriving just as Varian answered his own summons. Predictably, Varian and Garrosh fought despite Jaina's best efforts. Though Rhonin asked for the Alliance and the Horde to work together to stop the Old God Yogg-Saron, who had escaped his imprisonment beneth Ulduar, Varian refused and Garrosh taunted Thrall for even considering partnering with cowards.

Initially, Thrall was disappointed in Garrosh, however almost as soon as the pair returned to Warsong Hold they were confronted with news of the Horde ambushing the Alliance from behind as they battled the Scourge at Mord'rethar the Death Gate. Garrosh reprimanded the commander responsible, leading Thrall to think that perhaps Garrosh would some day make a great leader for the Horde.

800px-Argent Coliseum H

Thrall and Garrosh observe the Tournament

Soon, Thrall and Garrosh attended the Argent Tournament at the Crusaders' Colisseum. Highlord Tirion Fordring greeted them personally, warning an irritable Garrosh to behave himself while he remained under the roof of the Argent Crusade. Thrall, meanwhile, was pleased to see Tirion encouraging peace between the factions.

The ShatteringEdit

After the defeat of the Lich King, Thrall held a banquet to honor all those who had fought in the War Against the Lich King. During the course of the banquet, however, a bonfire went out of control and destroyed several buildings despite Thrall's use of his shamanistic abilities to calm it. He realized that there was something very wrong with the elements.
800px-Meeting at Grommash Hold

Thrall meets the leaders of the Horde at Grommash Hold.

Then, it seemed, Orcs had attacked Night Elf Sentinels in Ashenvale, skinning them and leaving their skins hanging with Horde symbols painted on them. While some in the Horde celebrated this attack, it caused great concern for Thrall. Varian demanded that Thrall turn over any attackers he could find to the Alliance for justice and apologize, denouncing the attacks which broke the peace treaty, and despite his misgivings Thrall refused.
460px-Gift of Gorehowl

Thrall gives Garrosh the axe Gorehowl and appoints him warchief.

In order to learn what was happening with the elements, Thrall traveled to Nagrand to commune with the elemental spirits there. He appointed Garrosh the acting warchief until his return.

When he reached Nagrand, Greatmother Geyah appointed Aggra his tutor in the shamanistic arts. At first, she was not fond of Thrall but she dutifully trained him and even took him on a vision quest. Finally, Thrall met with the Elemental Furies of Draenor. The Fury of Earth explained, after ingesting a rock from Azeroth, that the elementals feared the Shattering -- a cataclysm like the one that had decimated Draenor and turned it into the Outlands.

Thrall throne of elements

Aggra and Thrall train.

Thrall prepared to return to Azeroth and -- with Aggra growing increasingly fond of him -- he did not return alone. Aggra traveled with him. Upon their return, they learned that Cairne Bloodhoof had been killed by poisons of the Grimtotem Tribe. Tensions continued to rise amongst the Horde leaders, Thrall having to step in to keep Vol'jin and his Darkspear Trolls from leaving their faction. Shortly after this, the Shattering shook the world.



Thrall of the Earthen Ring

Thrall decided to join the Earthen Ring at the Maelstrom to mend the World Pillar. He and Aggra departed Durotar aboard Horde ships -- which were soon attacked by the Alliance.
Naval thrall

Thrall aboard the Vengeance Wake.

A ship from the Bilgewater Cartel was also caught up in the battle. A group of Goblin adventurers shipwrecked on the Lost Isles alongside much of the Horde traveling aboard the vessels, including Aggra. She sent the goblins to recover Thrall from imprisonment at the hands of the Alliance. After being freed from the Vengeance Wake, Thrall and the goblins concocted a scheme to get the Alliance out of Thrall's way. Thrall channeled some of his power through the goblins -- allowing them to inflict his wrath upon the Alliance Sailors. Thrall met the goblin on the shore of the islands, and then sent them back to the other Bilgewater goblins on the islands. Soon, the goblins met Thrall again and continued to help repel the attacks of the Alliance. Having more than proved their worth, Thrall aided the goblins against Trade Prince Gallywix. They defeated Gallywix, and Thrall inducted the Bilgewater Cartel into the Horde. He granted them the land of Azshara to make their new home, and sent them to Garrosh in Orgrimmar with the news.

He and Aggra soon reached the Maelstrom and aided Muln Earthfury and Farseer Nobundo in trying to mend the World Pillar. As the Heroes of both the Alliance and the Horde sought to stop the activities of the Twilight's Hammer, Thrall sent them into Deepholm, mounted on Aggra's Wyvern.

Twilight of the AspectsEdit

Thrall was soon sent on a mission by the Dragon Aspect Ysera. He rescued a camp of Night Elf Sentinels in Feralas from a Fire Elemental and was then brought by the disgused dragon Desharin to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris. While there, the duo was attacked by a strange but seemingly familiar assassin, who beheaded Desharin.

Thrall entered a time portal and found himself meeting his parents and escorting them to what would ultimately be their deaths. Despite himself, he did his best to preserve the timeline. Then, the mysterious assassin appeared once more. The two battled, Thrall hoping to keep the assassin at bay until the baby would be safe with Aedelas Blackmoore. Then, unexpectedly, Thrall found himself in another timeline where Blackmoore had overthrown the Alliance and was the ruler of the Horde. Taretha explained, after Thrall had explained himself to her, that this was due to Thrall's death as a child. Together they traveled to Dalaran and met with Krasus, the three of them uncovering that they were existing in a False Timeline. The realization shattered the timeline.

At this point, Thrall met Nozdormu, the Aspect of Time. He revealed that the Infinite Dragonflight was, in fact, led by a future version of Nozdormu that had fallen to corruption. He revealed, also, that the mysterious assassin that the future Nozdormu had sent to defeat Thrall was actually the Aedelas Blackmoore of the false timeline. The Bronze Aspect then set Thrall on a new mission -- lift Alexstrasza from her grief over the death of Krasus and to convince the renegade Blue Dragonflight to put aside their differences with the rest of the dragonflights. Tick took on the task of helping Thrall reach the dragonflights.

Alexstrasza they found in Desolace. She rebuked Thrall and banished him from her sight for his efforts to comfort her. Though he did not give up, Thrall and Tick traveled instead to the Nexus to meet the blue dragons Kalecgos and Arygos. Kalecgos welcomed Thrall warmly, whereas Arygos suggested the Orc be put to death. Thrall learned that the Blue Dragonflight was in the process of electing its new aspect, and the options were either of the dragons before him. The decision must be made before the cosmic event known as "the Embrance". To Thrall's relief, the dragonfligh chose Kalecgos. Arygos, enraged, abandoned Coldarra completely. A celebration began, but was interrupted by an attack of Twilight Dragons. Thrall rode Kalecgos into the battle, and drive the Twilight Dragons to flee. Kalecos and Thrall gave chase, following the attackers to Wyrmrest Temple where they caught sight of Chromatus.

Thrall TOTA

Thrall battles Twilight Dragons

As Chromatus joins the battle, the tide turned against the Blue Dragonflight. Thrall was thrown to the ground -- simultaneously receiving a vision of Krasus' last moments. Then, the Infinite Assassin Aedelas Blackmoore appeared once more. Thrall defeated his mortal enemy with his combination of elemental powers and the Doomhammer he wields.

The blue dragonflight retreated, one of the drakes rescuing Thrall as they fled. Thrall encouraged Kalecgos to be strong, even in the face of this defeat, as the new leader of the Blue Dragonflight. Then, Thrall set off for Desolace once more. He showed Alexstrasza the vision he had received, of Krasus' heroic sacrifice. Her faith restored, the Red Aspect journeyed to the Nexus to join forces with Kalecgos. Nozdormu and Ysera soon arrived to lend their aid as well. Needing one more aspect, Thrall offered his shamanistic powers of earth to fill the place Netharion had left. With a powerful volley of magic from the Aspects and Thrall, Chromatus was slain but not destroyed. The blue dragonflight crafted a magical prison to hold the lifeless creature, just in case it should ever pose a threat again.

Rage of the FirelandsEdit

Thrall Guardian of the Elements
Finally, Thrall was returned -- with thanks and scales from each of the Aspects -- to the Maelstrom. He reunited with Aggra and proclaims himself once and for all Go'el, no longer a slave to his past. Soon, Ragnaros the Firelord himself gave Thrall a vision of the Firelands. In response to this vision, Thrall and Aggra traveled to Mount Hyjal and met with Malfurion Stormrage, the Dragon Aspects, and the Champions of Azeroth. They prepared a ritual to restore the World Tree Nordrassil, which still was healing from Archimonde's assault.

The ritual was interrupted, however, by an attack from the Twilight's Hammer. A powerful member of the cult -- soon revealed to be Fandral Staghelm the leader of the Druids of the Flame -- struck Thrall down. The powerful shaman was split amongst the four elements. Aggra and Champions of Azeroth traveled to undo the strange magic.

Thrall was consumed by his own self-doubt in Skywall, where Thrall expressed regret over choosing Garrosh to lead the Horde. Thrall believed himself unworthy of Aggra's love. After Aggra had soothed him, the spirits haunting him were defeated by the Heroes, the group journeyed to the Abyssal Maw. Here, Thrall was consumed by desires -- peace, a family with Aggra, freedom from the responsibilities of leadership. Aggra and the Heroes freed Thrall from this, and then journeyed to Deepholm where they were confronted with Thrall's nearly unending patience. Lastly, they were confronted in the Firelands by Thrall's raw, unhinged anger -- at Gul'dan for the murder of his parents, at Varian for refusing peace, at Blackmoore for the death of Taretha and his slavery of the young Thrall, and at Garrosh for his part in Cairne's death. With great difficulty, the Heroes and Aggra overcame this and restored Thrall. They reunited with the group of Mount Hyjal, where Aggra and Thrall were wed.
800px-Thrall and Aggra Maelstrom

Thrall and Aggra

Thrall was given a task by the Dragon Aspects to once more assume the role of the Earthbinder as the Champions of Azeroth hunt for the Dragon Soul in the Caverns of Time. Thrall then joined the Champions in the future, in an Old God corrupted Dragonblight. Thrall and the Heroes defeat [[Asira Dawnslayer and the Twilight Prophet. After this, Thrall departs the company of the Heroes to prepare for the final battle against Deathwing.


Thrall has earned many titles due to his great deeds, including:

  • Earthbinder
  • Orc Father
  • Guardian of the Elements
  • World Shaman
  • Warchief of the Horde (former)
  • Liberator of the Orcs
  • Lord of the Clans
  • Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan (former)

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Thrall is a character in the Warcraft series. He appears in several games: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and it's expansion Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, as well as World of Warcraft and its expansions. He appears in the World of Warcraft comic book series, as well as in the novels Warcraft: Lord of the Clans, Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor, the Warcraft: War of the Ancients trilogy, World of Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred, World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde, the Warcraft: Legends manga, World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde, World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, World of Warcraft: Stormrage, World of Warcraft: The Shattering, and World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects.

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