The Ugly Beast

The Unicorn fell under a curse at the hands of the Swamp Witch, transforming into the Ugly Beast. Though a beautiful and peaceful creature of Daventry, the Unicorn was dazed by the tempest that arose when the Mask of Eternity was shattered. The Swamp Witch took advantage of this, and used the opportunity to steal the Unicorn Horn from the creature's forehead. Without her horn, the Unicorn transformed into a hideous monstrosity.


The Unicorn

Connor promised to look for the horn, although the Ugly Beast herself did not hold much hope for its recovery. Nonetheless, Connor soon returned with the horn and fixed it to the forehead of the beast. She regained her beauteous appearance. Certain that Connor was the Chosen One, she gave him a Dimmed Crystal Pyramid that had been tainted by dark magic and praised the Lord of Sunshine.

Real WorldEdit

The Unicorn/Ugly Beast appears in King's Quest: Mask of Eternity.

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