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The Summoner was a Sorcerer who was once a member of the Vizjerei Clan of mages. Despite the power behind his allegiance, he too was doomed to fall to corruption and insanity at the hands of the Prime Evils.


Hailing from distant Eastern lands, the Sorcerer trained as a Vizjerei mage sworn to protect the world of Sanctuary from the Prime Evils. He was a friend of Drognan during this time.


Sorcerer concept art
Hearing of the demons plaguing the town of Tristram and of the ancient texts that could be found in the Tristram Cathedral. He joined with the Rogue and the Warrior heroes who had arrived in Tristram. Although the heroic group was able to solve the town's demonic problems, they paid a terrible price for defeating Diablo.

Diablo IIEdit

Driven mad by his experiences in Tristram, the Sorcerer began to believe that he was the powerful mage Horazon. He journeyed to Lut Gholein and found the way into Horazon's Arcane Sanctuary through a portal in the Lut Gholein Palace. By entering this portal, he created a rift into the palace that allowed a flood of demons into the royal building.

Calling himself the Summoner, he went on to attempt to control the powers of the Arcane Sanctuary. Demons overran the Sanctuary as he tried to control them. Soon, the Champions of Sanctuary made their way into the Arcane Sanctuary and slew the Summoner. According to Deckard Cain, he was likely dragged to Hell by the demons he had tried to control.

Real WorldEdit

Diablo Ending - Sorcerer01:14

Diablo Ending - Sorcerer

This is the cutscene for the Sorcerer ending of Diablo -- it is not canon!

The Sorcerer is one of the options for the player in the first Diablo game.

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