The Minotaur on the KQ6 box art

The Minotaur invaded the sacred Catacombs of the Ancient Ones and began to terrorize the Winged Ones who lived on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. He took their young as sacrifice. The Sacred Oracle of the Winged Ones foresaw that a human would solve the Cliffs of Logic would one day defeat the Minotaur, and thus the Winged Ones waited.

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The Minotaur and Alexander face off

The Minotaur eventually demanded Lady Celeste as his sacrifice. It was that day that Alexander climbed the Cliffs of Logic, and thus he was sent into the Catacombs to defeat the Minotaur. Eventually finding his way to the Minotaur's Lair, Alexander confronted the beast as it prepared to do all manner of unholy things to the Winged One princess. The two faced off, and then Alexander drew a red scarf and waved it at the beast. The Minotaur was distracted by the red cloth and charged, headlong into the pit of fire he kept in his own lair. Rumors say that the pit led all the way to Hades, and that the Minotaur fell directly to his eternal damnation.

Real WorldEdit

The Minotaur is a character in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.

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