The leader of the Medusas living in the great Medusa Desert of Tanalore, she and others of her race patrolled the desert and turned all intruders into stone. When Gwydion entered the desert, he recalled the legends he had heard of the defeat of a Medusa at the hands of Perseus, quickly averting his eyes and showing a hand mirror to the Medusa. Catching sight of her reflection, she transformed to stone.


King's Quest III VGAEdit

In the VGA remake of King's Quest III: To Heir is Human by IA, the Medusa calls out to her sisters for revenge as she is transformed to stone. This implies there are several other Medusas in the vicinity

AGDI UniverseEdit

In the VGA reinterpretation by AGDI...

The Medusa, named Smaude, lives in a lair at the northern edge of the desert. She is horrifically ugly and transforms all who find her repulsive into stone. This is a result of her own hard-heartedness, a trait she despises in men. Her pain, inflicted by men who have spurned her, transformed her into a gorgon.


Smaude, restored

Alexander was not repulsed by her, and when she realized this her curse was lifted. She transformed into a gorgeous blonde woman. She was grateful to Alexander for his aid in transforming her back into a human and asked him what she could do in thanks. Alexander asked for a Smooth Stone of Unique Color, which she was more than happy to give him if he brought her a mirror so she could see how she looked with the curse lifted.

Non-Canon ImagesEdit

Real WorldEdit

The Medusa appears in King's Quest III: To Heir is Human. Her role is greatly expanded in King's Quest III Redux.

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