The Dwarf[1] was a villainous being who appeared at Castle Daventry after Queen Maylie fell ill. He offered a cure for the plague that had stricken her, but in return he demanded the Shield of Achilles. Reluctantly, King Edward the Benevolent gave him the magical treasure. The dwarf touched the mysterious root to Queen Maylie's lips. She seemed to revive, and the dwarf vanished with his prize. Soon after, she died from the plague without having ever fully recovered. The king vowed vengeance againce the false dwarf.

Rumors persist to this day as to whether or not the 'dwarf' was actually a real Dwarf who put the shield in the possession of the leprechauns for protection, or one of the little people including the Leprechauns.

It is possible that this was the same dwarf that tried to steal from Graham, and who Graham later encountered in Kolyma who is also known as The Dwarf (through Graham gave him the nickname Citizen Bandit)..

Real WorldEdit

In the original manual of King's Quest 1 its stated that Graham would be encountering dangerous dwarfs of Daventry (which implies that actually more than one appears in the game, although they all look the same). The king's quest companion mentions that there are at least two, a little dwarf and his wife. So it is possible that dwarfs inside the mountain and outside represent seperate dwarfs. However, note that use of 'plural' does not necessarily denote that there actually were plural. There are many other examples where descriptions use 'plural' when there clearly are only individual when describing a list of encounters in a game (infact the style is used several times in the companion).

The "Dwarf" (as he called in one paragraph) appears in the introduction of the second edition of the King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown manual. He is described as as 'false dwarf' in the last passage he is mentioned[2], either because he was untruthful to the king, but the King's Quest Companion suggests he may not have been a dwarf at all, but one of the leprechauns (although the Companion may suggest both interpretations as 'rumors' in Daventry). The KQ1 novel also suggests that he may have been a dwarf, but chose to leave the shield in the protection of the leprechauns. In this case 'false' could just be a nod to the dwarf's treachery (Derek gives the alternative rumor in the notes in An Encyclopedia of Daventry.).

The dwarf was inspired by the the dwarf Graham encounters in Daventry in KQ1.

Another character called "The Dwarf" (KQ2 Hintbook) is a little dwarf that shares the same graphics and many of the same descriptions of the dwarf from King's Quest I, which may imply that it is the same dwarf Graham encountered in KQ1. But its not completely clear. In KQ Companion and other hintbooks the KQ2 dwarf is often described as the "thieving dwarf". The novelization for KQ2 in the King's Quest Companion calls it 'the dwarf' (among other descriptions), and also states that he was the one Graham remembered encountering back in Daventry. Although the KQ7 Authorized Guide suggests they may have been seperate dwarves.

The dwarfs in KQ1 (AGI and SCI) and KQ2 are described as "the dwarf"[3], "a small dwarf"[4], or as a "little dwarf"[5], "thieving dwarf"[6]. In KQ1AGI looking at the dwarf just brings up a comment on dwarfs in general. In the KQ2 hintbook, the character is known as the 'The Dwarf'. This is possibly the same 'Dwarf' who took away the Magic Shield of King Edward. Although some believed that was really a "false dwarf", and probably actually a leprechaun in disguise. Though others disagree. The 'false dwarf' is not an official name however, as stated in the manual the character's proper title is "The Dwarf".

The box artwork for King's Quest 1 for the Sega Master System which is based on the manual artwork in the second KQ manual is colored similary to the dwarf in the original KQ1AGI version wearing blue shirt, yellow boots, and a red cap. Which may also suggest that the artist was implying that dwarf in the original KQ1 and the one who stole the shield were one and the same.

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