The Dryad is the keeper of the woods of Spielburg Valley. The animals of the forest obey her and the flora and fauna are protected by her. She lives in a small clearing in the woods, within a massive oak tree. She is respected by most of the residents of the valley who know of her existence, most especially Amelia Appleberry.

With Baba Yaga's curse on the valley, even the woods suffered. The avalanche held many of the dangerous monsters in the valley that were not usually still present in the spring.

In hopes of contending with the dangers, she sent the Fox to find the aspiring Hero and tell him to seek the Dryad. Later, the adventurer found her while following the White Stag. To ensure he was a friend to the forest, she sent him to retrieve a Spirea Seed from the Spore-Spitting Spirea that she might plant the seed somewhere new and the flowers could blossom elsewhere. When this task was completed, she informed him of the recipe for a dispel potion that would allow him lift the enchantment on Elsa von Spielburg. As she vanished back into the tree she lived in, a magic acorn fell from its branches giving him the first ingredient.

Real WorldEdit

The Dryad is a character from Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?.

In QFG1, this character is known simply as The Dryad, or by the title the Dryad of the Woods.

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