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The Dark Wanderer was once a great Warrior from the lands of Khanduras and a great Hero. However, not even he could stand against the corruption of the Prime Evils.


The Warrior trained in combat in Khanduras and joined the nation's army. When the army went to war against Westmarch, he too went to war. Much of the Khanduras army was killed in the crushing defeat that they suffered, but the Warrior survived and returned home only to find Khanduras was now a cursed land.


Seeking glory and gold, as so many Warriors do, he traveled to Tristram and sought out the evil beneath the Tristram Cathedral alongside a Sorcerer and a Rogue. Together they defeated the evils plaguing the town, including the Prime Evil Diablo, the Lord of Terror.

Diablo Ending - Warrior01:13

Diablo Ending - Warrior

Having, like his comrades, been driven mad by their experiences and the corruptive influence of the demons, he believed that the only way to prevent Diablo from rising and threatening the world again was to contain the monster inside himself. He plunged Diablo's Soulstone into his own forehead, becoming the Dark Wanderer.

Diablo IIEdit

Diablo Ending - The dark wanderer00:54

Diablo Ending - The dark wanderer

His mind turned to the east, and so the Dark Wanderer headed to the Aranoch Desert. As he passed through the lands of Khanduras, demons followed in his wake. He also encountered Marius, who followed him as a companion for reasons unbeknownst to anyone.

Diablo sought to free his brothers Baal and Mephisto, and so he compelled the Dark Wanderer to find the Tomb of Tal Rasha. Once he entered the tomb, he found not only the mage Tal Rasha corrupted almost entirely by Baal, but also the archangel Tyrael. Tyrael engaged the demon in a duel. As the two battled, Baal urged Marius to free him. Driven mad, Marius did so. Working together, Diablo -- still inhabiting the Dark Wander -- and Baal defeated Tyrael.

Immediately, they departed for Kurast. At this point, the Champions of Sanctuary were catching up to the former hero. They caught sight of him in the jungles outside of Kurast. He summoned Flesh Beasts to stall them, and vanished. In the meantime, he met Mephisto who -- as it turned out -- needed little help from his brothers. As Baal and Diablo opened a portal to hell, Mephisto stayed to stop the Champions who followed them. In Hell, Diablo finally shed the body he was inhabiting and the Dark Wanderer was no more.


Diablo D&DEdit

In the Diablo Dungeons & Dragons book Awakening, the warrior who puts the soulstone in his head is called Qarak. He is not one of the player characters.

Real WorldEdit

The Dark Wanderer is the Warrior player character in Diablo and is a character in Diablo II.

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