The Ancient Mariner is an aging, but wise, hermit living on the coast of the Sovereignty of Serenia that borders the Northern Sea. He has a vast knowledge of herbs, particularly those that grow in the ocean, and he is able to speak to Merfolk. Unfortunately, he is nearly deaf.

After being attacked on Harpy Island, Graham brought the wounded Cedric the Owl to the Ancient Mariner's Hut for help. When he discovered the old man's hearing problem, he gave him a conch shell to help him. At last able to understand one another, the Ancient Mariner used a poultice to help heal Cedric. Afterwards, Graham told him of his quest and the hermit called upon Pearl to lead the king to Mordack's Island.

Real WorldEdit

The Ancient Mariner is a character who appears in King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.

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