The Amazon was trained to be a warrior among the Askari of the South Seas. She became hardened for battle during the intense training and, like all Amazons, became an ideal mercenary. It was because of this that she found herself in Khanduras when The Dark Wanderer passed through.
As a champion on behalf of Order and her goddesses, the Amazon joined the quest to stop the demons that were inhabiting the lands the Dark Wanderer passed through. Kashya expressed concern that, if the Sisters of the Sightless Eye could be corrupted by Andariel, the Amazon should watch out for the demonic influence spreading across Khanduras.

The Champions of Sanctuary journeyed across Sanctuary on this quest, ultimately defeating all three of the Prime Evils. It remains to be seen what will become of them after the breaking of the World Stone.


Real WorldEdit

The Amazon is one of the playable classes of Diablo II.

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