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A Terrorsauris in the desert (QfG2 VGA)

Much more agile than average sauruses, the Terrorsauruses of the deserts of Shapeir bring swift death to the unwary desert wanderers. They are quick and light and deadly. Though they have the terrible bite and vicious tail of most sauruses, the Terrorsaurus is also able to claw at its enemies with the sharp claws of its hindquarters using deadly kicks. Fortunately, like nearly every other variety of saurus, the Terrorsaurus is also quite stupid.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "This is an extremely quick-footed creature well adapted for racing down and disemboweling prey with the deadly claws upon its hind feet. Like most species of sauruses, this one is not noted for its brains." (Excerpt from the QfG2 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Terrorsauruses are a randomly encountered monster in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

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