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Telinu forges Dryad Armor

DS2Apprentice Telinu
Telinu is a young Dryad armorsmith. At the beginning of the war against Valdis she was an apprentice under Armor Sen but quickly proved her worth.


Dungeon Siege IIEdit

As an apprentice in Eirulan, Telinu was beginning to learn to create Dryad Armor when Valdis invaded Greilyn Isle and obtained the Aegis of Life. Sen ordered the creation of as much Dryad Armor as was possible, but Telinu began to crack under the pressure and forgot the formula for the most effective Dryad Armor.

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As the prisoner who would become the Champion of the Third Age collected the Basket of Sharpening Stones from Telinu, he discovered her plight. After being freed from the Prisoner Ring that held the Hero hostage, the group of adventurers that had banded together brought Telinu the Tome of Smithing and the recipe for the Dryad Armor. In thanks, she gave the Champion the first set she created.

Broken WorldEdit

Telinu quickly worked through the ranks, although she was unsure she was ready to leave Sen's apprenticeship by the time the Second Cataclysm occurred. She survived the destruction of Greilyn Isle, although Sen did not. She set up her craft in the Dryad Outpost to help keep the Dryads well armored.

Real WorldEdit

Telinu is a character from Dungeon Siege II and she appears again in the expansion Dungeon Siege II: Broken World.

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