Tashtari, whose name means "Sunset Glow", is a Katta brassworker and merchant with a stand for his wares in the Fountain Plaza of Shapeir. He is the uncle of Scoree, brother-in-law of Kiram, and cousin to Sharaf.

He sells Brass Lamps for a price of 15 dinars -- although he is willing to let them go for 10 dinars to a convincing haggler. The Hero needed one of these lamps to defeat the Fire Elemental.


Quest for Glory II VGAEdit

Tashtari also sold a large brass pot to the Hero, with which he decorated his bedroom in the Katta Tail Inn.

Real WorldEdit

Tashtari is a character in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire who also appears in the VGA remake by AGDI.

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