The Sword Coast Boys were one of several gangs present in the Beggar's Nest district of Neverwinter. As some of the boys grew up and left the gang, it found itself growing considerably weaker than its rival gang the Heavies. The leader of the Sword Coast Boys, Drawl, was furious at this occurrence and sought a way to keep his gang on top.


A Sword Coast Boy raised from the dead

The answer came in the form of Gulnan. She transformed Drawl into a lich as long as he provided fodder for her to create into an undead army. He began to kill off rival gang members and turn them into zombies. He also began to kill his own gang members and raise them, so that the Sword Coast Boys gang would never dissolve. He captured Walters, who had left the gang to join the Neverwinter Militia and held him captive so he could watch the gang he had betrayed become mindless undead. Soon, Krestal was the only one Drawl could not find.

Before Walters could be turned into a zombie, the Hero of Neverwinter slew Drawl and, subsequently, killed Gulnan as well. The Sword Coast Boys were gone.

Notable MembersEdit

Real WorldEdit

The Sword Coast Boys are a gang mentioned in Neverwinter Nights.

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