The Baron Stefan von Spielburg ruled over Spielburg Valley quite successfully, earning a reputation as a fair leader. He was also a renowned adventurer, earning himself several entries in the Spielburg Adventurers Log. The love of his life, the Baroness von Spielburg, died giving birth to their second child Elsa von Spielburg.

When Baba Yaga settled into Spielburg Valley, the baron sent a contingent of the Spielburg Baronial Guard led by the Captain of the Baronial Guard to drive her from the valley. The Captain was the only one who returned -- issuing a curse with the ogress' voice before dissolving into a puddle.

It was not long after this that Elsa was stolen from Castle Spielburg by an unknown flying creature. Though he led many search parties, she was not found. The baron began to become withdrawn and depressed. After a few more years, his elder child Barnard von Spielburg vanished. After this, the baron withdrew completely into his castle. His neglected barony began to crumble, and was tormented by the newly organized Spielburg Brigands.

Eventually, an unknown Hero arrived. After he rescued Barnard from the Kobold Mage's enchantment, Stefan saw hope. He summoned the aspiring Hero to Castle Spielburg to give him his reward. Soon afterwards, the Hero rescued Elsa and drove Baba Yaga from the valley. Stefan declared the adventurer to be the Hero of Spielburg as his reward.

Afterwards, Elsa managed to drive the remaining brigands out of the valley and Stefan rewarded her with the title Hero of Spielburg. Soon, though, Stefan retired. He handed his title over to his son Barnard. He still gives his wisdom and experience to his eldest child.

Real WorldEdit

Baron Stefan von Spielburg is a character in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero? and is mentioned in Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

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