When Baron Stefan von Spielburg sent the Spielburg Baronial Guard to drive Baba Yaga out of Spielburg Valley, she lay a curse upon the von Spielburg family, delivered to them by the doomed Captain of the Baronial Guard, who promptly died after announcing the spell. The curse went, as follows:

"Upon von Spielburg and all his clan

This curse I now demand.

What I will shall come full measure,

So shall ye lose all that ye treasure."

The curse soon resulted in the death of the baron's wife, followed by the disappearance of Elsa von Spielburg at the hands of a mysterious flying creature. Unbeknownst to all, she was enchanted to believe she was a child of the Spielburg Brigands. Several years later, the curse continued when Barnard von Spielburg vanished in the woods. Though none knew it, he had been enchanted into the form of a bear to guard the Kobold Magic User.

As with all curses, there was a countercurse. The countercurse for the Spielburg Curse was in the form of a prophecy:

"Comes a Hero from the East

Take the Man from in the Beast

Free the Child from the Band

Drive the Curser from the Land."

This prophecy foretold the arrival of the Hero to the valley, and his subsequent defeat of Baba Yaga.

Real WorldEdit

The curse and countercurse are the basic summary of the plot of Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?.

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