Adventurers Guild in QfG1 (pictured: Wolfgang Abenteuer

Once a thriving adventurers guild, the Spielburg Adventurer's Guild fell on hard times after Baba Yaga's curse took effect. With few active adventurers left in the valley, and the guildmaster Wolfgang Abenteuer growing senile the trophy-adorned guild primarily gathered dust after the disappearance of Barnard von Spielburg, who had left the most recent entry in the Spielburg Logbook. The job board was left untouched after the disappearance of Amelia's ring.

That is, until an unknown Hero came to the valley. He signed the logbook, completed all of the jobs on the job board, and saved the valley. Though he may not have revived the guild, it proved a very useful place for the aspiring Hero.


Real WorldEdit

The Spielburg Adventurers Guild is the Adventurers Guild in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?.

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