The Spirit of Sir James of Daventry

Even before King Edward the Benevolent took the throne, Sir James of Daventry had been a successful hero in the name of Daventry. He was renown for his noble behavior, and protected his kingdom til his death. He was laid in a tomb near the Castlekeep Ruins, though his spirit stirred when the land of Daventry was in great danger.

When the Mask of Eternity was shattered, his spirit rose and immediately recognized Connor as a worthy champion on a righteous quest. He told the young adventurer to seek out the Dimension of Death, but could not offer advice on how to defeat the Shadow Bane. Connor also took the knight's ring for his quest, with James' blessing. That ring would later be enchanted into the Magical Ring of Illumination. At that point, Sir James returned to his tomb. It is presumed that he returned to his rest once Daventry was safe, but would most likely arise once more if his beloved kingdom ever became threatened again.

Real WorldEdit

A character from King's Quest: Mask of Eternity.

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