Sir Hereward was a knight of the Kingdom of Daventry with a reputation for gallantry, as did his father before him. Hereward is the father of Graham and grandfather of Alexander and Rosella. He hoped his son would become both a scholar and a fighter, and was never prouder than when Graham was chosen to be Edward's future heir. Unfortunately, Hereward died in one of the border wars that marked the end of King Edward the Benevolent's reign, and was never able to see his son become King of Daventry.

His legacy lives on, however, in the advice that guides Graham and his family in all of their adventures:

"Boy, if I have learned anything in life it is this: When in doubt, or in trouble, pick up anything that is not nailed down, and if it is, look for loose nails or boards. Check carefully into, under, above. below and behind things. Read everything, you might learn something. Wear clean undergarments, brush after meals, and always remember: nothing is as it appears."

Real WorldEdit

Sir Hereward is never seen in the King's Quest series but is mentioned in the hintbooks and the King's Quest Companion.

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