Cassima and Sing-Sing

Cassima holds Sing-Sing

Sing-Sing, the pet nightingale of Cassima, was one of her greatest joys. When Cassima was imprisoned in her tower of the Castle of the Crown, Jollo believed the bird was missing and went searching for it. In truth, Cassima had sent Sing-Sing from the castle to be her connection to the outside world.

Alexander encountered Sing-Sing while she perched on a tree on the Isle of the Crown. She was fearful of the strange human until he used a mechanical nightingale to earn her friendship. Alexander presented his Royal Insignia Ring to Sing-Sing, hoping it was the nightingale he had heard about from Jollo. She snatched the ring and took it back to Cassima, who sent Sing-Sing back with a hair ribbon. Alexander then gave the bird a love poem, to which the princess sent back a letter. When the prince gave Sing-Sing a white rose, Cassima took the flower and then warned her pet not to return to Alexander.


The Silver LiningEdit

SIng-Sing now has a family of her own, which she cares for in a nest in the large tree at the crossroads where Alexander first saw her.

Real WorldEdit

Sing-Sing appears in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow and, though she cannot speak, she plays an important part in the plot. She also appears in the unofficial sequel to the series The Silver Lining by Phoenix Online Studios.

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