Sharaf in QfG2 VGA

Sharaf is a Katta hailing from Raseir. He is cousin to Shema, and nearly all the Katta in Shapeir, and they stay in touch despite the distance.

When Ad Avis and Khaveen deposed the Emir Arus al-Din and put their puppet Emir Ali al-Din Hasan on the throne, their first act was to have the Raseirian Guard banish the Katta from the city. Nearly all of the Katta fled, though Sharaf stayed. His cousins in Shapeir worried when they did not hear from him or find him amongst the refugees who had relocated to Shapeir.

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Sharaf and Devon Aidendale meet in prison (QfG2 EGA)

Sharaf, however, was busy forming an Underground Resistance to the tyrannical government. Eventually, he was captured as a result of this and held in prison. His cell, however, was the same cell that the Hero from the North was thrown into. Recognizing the Hero to be a Katta-Friend due to the Sapphire Pin he wore, Sharaf aided the Hero in his escape. After reaching the streets of the city, Sharaf departed to prepare the Underground for an assault on the Raseirian Palace. When the Hero appeared in the Raseirian Palace Plaza through the power of a djinn, Sharaf alerted him to the coming siege and told the Hero they would distract the palace guard with their attack. As the Hero infiltrated the palace, Sharaf and his allies charged the guards.

Real WorldEdit

Sharaf is a character in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

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