Shakra sah Tarna is the son of Rasha Rakeesh SahTarna and Kreesha Mar Asha, the brother of Reeshaka Dar Kreesha.


He is the only male Liontaur to ever choose the path of magic. Unlike his sister, he chose a path of magic for his life. After a brief apprenticeship with his mother, he was sent north for further study under Aziza. There he learned about enchantment, something he became a specialist in. It is believed that he graduated from the Wizard's Institute of Technocery, after which he went to Silmaria and opened his store the Magic Shop of Silmaria.

After the death of King Justinian, Rakeesh traveled to Silmaria at the behest of Logos. Rakeesh stayed with his son in the back of the magic shop. When Rakeesh was poisoned by the assassin, Shakra began to take care of him with the help of Salim Nafs and Julanar, until he ate a drugged chocolate and fell into a coma himself.

With the help of the Lethe Water that the Hero obtained in Hades, Shakra was able to recover fully.


Shakra sells...

As well as the spells...

He will also teach customers Summon Staff if they bring him Magic Wood. He will also pay customers to teach him spells to add to his inventory.

Real WorldEdit

Shakra sah Tarna is a character mentioned in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War, but not seen until Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire.

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