Seth's Lich Robes
Seth's Lich Robe, once worn in the attempted creation of a lich. Although the ritual failed and the evil mage met his death, the evils of the magical ritual are so deeply infused in the cloth that its power is still strong and terrible. This artifact is one of the most feared arcane objects of Nirros. It is unknown who Seth is, the reason behind the item's name being lost in legends.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Unearthed from long forgotten tomb of an ancient spell-caster, investigation determined that this robe was forged in the failed creation of a Lych, an undead sorcerer. Though the Magus himself is long dead, the evils of the magics he employed still linger in this powerful robe."

Real WorldEdit

Seth's Lich Robe is available to Haven on Facebook players level 100 or above from the Temple for 30 favor points. It grants the player +0 strength, +15 agility, and +60 intelligence.

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