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Very stupid and very hungry lizards, sauruses or saurii are known for being a widespread species of Gloriana, found in several varieties all across the world. The weakest variety, typically found in northern valleys such as Spielburg Valley. All kinds of saurus run on their hind-quarters and have short forelegs which do reach the ground but are useful for reaching for food. Sharp teeth line the mouth. Still, most sauruses are easily defeated by adventurers of any skill. Even Hans Halfwitten is known to have slain one, the head of which can be found in the Spielburg Adventurers Guild. Because of this, the beginning rank of the Eternal Order of Fighters is Brother Saurus.


Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Creatures of enormous appetites and very little brain, Sauruses tend to do a lot of running around. The Saurus is scaly and lizard-like with highly developed hind quarters upon which it runs, and small, under-developed front legs used to grasp food. its large mouth is filled with sharp teeth. Despite its fearsome appearance, it is remarkably easily defeated by the seasoned adventurer." (Excerpt from the QfG1 Manual)


Real WorldEdit

Saurus are present in several of the Quest for Glory. The average saurus is a randomly encountered monster in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?

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