Sa'Shan was born and bred amongst the hardy human clans that originally settled in the northern regions where the city of Haven exists. He was among the last to be raised under the fading Warrior Code, and thus he is a fearless fighter whose loyalty knows no bounds. His skills with his weapons are nearly unrivaled in Nirros.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Raised among the northern tribes, those humans that had originally settled the Haven region originally, Sa'Shan is one of the last to be raised by their warrior code. Sworn to follow the blade, Sa'Shan's allegiance means a warrior of unyielding will and intimidating skill."

Real WorldEdit

Sa'Shan is a limited edition here available at the Temple in the Haven Facebok game for 35 favor points. He has 2 strength, 15 agility, and 2 intelligence.

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