Ruffina the Red Queen is the monarch of the Isle of Wonder alongside her sister, Blanche the White Queen. Ruffina, deeply concerned with fashion, often wears scarves -- which she carelessly leaves behind her, as she considers it fashionable. She is deeply possessive and materialistic, declaring several of the Isle of Wonder's treasures to be hers exclusively. She believes that red represents love. The Singing Stone, which she believe the Beast had stolen, was often found in her possession. She also carried the island's valuable lump of coal, it's second most prized treasure. This led to one of the many squabbles between Ruffina and her sister, when the Red Queen decided the lump of coal would be a wedding gift for Cassima and Abdul Alhazred.

Alexander encountered the sisters during this argument. Though he tried, he was unable to settle their differences. When the queens left, Alexander retrieved one of the red scarves that Ruffina had left behind. He later returned to the island with a lump of coal for Blanche, and the Red Queen was appalled to find it was larger than hers.

Real WorldEdit

Ruffina the Red Queen is a character seen in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.

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