Rosella is the daughter of Valanice and Graham, the twin sister of Alexander. She is the granddaughter of Sir Hereward and the great-granddaughter of Graham's grandfather. She is known for being both brave and impulsive, often causing trouble rather than solving it. While she is also somewhat selfish and demanding, though she always seeks to help the greater good. She is very romantic, however she is also fiercely independent.


Rosella was born to Valanice and Graham. When Alexander was kidnapped, she became somewhat coddled and protected. Valanice taught Rosella about folklore, history, reading and writing. Rosella became hungry for knowledge and absorbed all of the lessons that she could.

Rosella's First QuestEdit

As a young girl Rosella often played inside the castle courtyard. One time during her youth, she accidently kicked her favorite golden football outside the castle. She left the castle to find it, encountering a number of strange individuals until her ball was returned to her, and she returned to the castle.

Kingdom of SorrowEdit


Rosella on the cover of See No Weevil

When Valanice and Graham left Castle Daventry for the Old Woods, Rosella stayed with Master Rokaill in the castle.

See No WeevilEdit

Rosella feigned illness when her parents left for the Duchy of Cumberford. After they had left, she managed to save Daventry from Sloks and Wandering Weevils.

To Heir is HumanEdit


Rosella in KQ3

When the Three-Headed Dragon demanded her sacrifice, she agreed to it hoping she would be able to save Daventry. Before the dragon could kill her, Alexander arrived and slew the dragon. Together, the reunited brother and sister walked to Castle Daventry where they met their parents.

Graham decided to pass on his Adventurer's Cap to his children, tossing the hat in the air and then...

The Perils of RosellaEdit


Rosella meeting Genesta

...clutching at his chest, as he suffered a heart attack. Terrified for her father's life, Rosella wept in the Daventry Throne Room. It was in this moment Genesta reached out to Rosella through Merlin's Mirror. She asked if Rosella would help save her, her powers waining without her talisman, and letting the princess know about the magical fruit that grows in the Death Bogs of Tamir that could save her father's life. With barely a moment's hesitation, Rosella agreed.

Rosella disguised as a peasant

Transported by Genesta and disguised as a peasant, Rosella adventured through Tamir, eventually coming to the attention of Lolotte, who imprisoned the girl. Fortunately, her son Edgar had fallen in love with the girl and bade Lolotte let her go. Instead, Lolotte gave Rosella three tasks: obtain the Unicorn of Tamir, the Hen That Lays the Golden Eggs, and Pandora's Box. Over the course of these tasks, Rosella traveled through a cave in the Impossible Mountains to the swamp beyond and collected the fruit.
After the tasks were completed, Lolotte locked Rosella in a tower, planning to force her into a wedding with Edgar. He snuck a tiny golden key attached to a rose under the crack of the door. Rosella used it escape the tower and collect her confiscated belongings. Then, she snuck into Lolotte's Bedroom and fired an arrow from Cupid's Bow into her heart. The infusion of pure love was strong enough to kill the fairie. She took Genesta's Talisman, and traveled with haste to Genesta's Island. Once Genesta was empowered once more, she summoned Edgar to the island and caused him to appear as beautiful as his soul was. There, he proposed to Rosella.

Although Rosella had fallen in love with Edgar, her heart was with her father and Alexander. She was transported back to Castle Daventry, where she gave the miraculous fruit to the ailing Graham.

Hoyle Book of Games, Volume IEdit

Not long after Graham's recovery (or perhaps almost a 'year' after), Rosella and her father found themselves brought to a strange world, and challenged to varous card games. Rosella would encounter some of the same strange individuals she encountered as a young girl, and many new individuals.

Absence Makes the Heart Go YonderEdit


Rosella in Mordack's Castle (KQ5)

Rosella was inside Castle Daventry when Mordack minimized it and magically moved it into a jar in his lab. She -- along with everyone else -- was saved by Graham, Cedric the Owl, and Crispinophur.

The Floating CastleEdit

Rosella traveled to Lycathia before Telgrin's attack on Daventry.

Heir Today, Gone TomorrowEdit

Shamir Shamazle brought Rosella and her parents to the Land of the Green Isles for Alexander's wedding to Cassima.

The Princeless BrideEdit


Rosella as a troll

Inspired by Alexander's wedding, Valanice began to try to find someone for her daughter. Rosella, uninterested in marrying and certainly uninterested in marrying a prince, did her best to ignore her mother's efforts. During one such discussion, Rosella spotted a strange castle in a pond -- so she dove into the water to find it. She found herself traveling through a whirlwind, followed by her mother. Then, she was snatched out.
The next thing she knew, she was in the Vulcanix Underground and had been transformed into a Vulcanix Troll by King Otar Fenris III, who planned to marry her. With the help of Mathilde, she managed to transform herself back into a human and escape. Mathilde, however, suspected the current king was an imposter. Rosella embarked on a quest to find the true King Otar and stop whatever the evil fairy Malicia was planning.
Eventually, Rosella found the true King Otar journeyed back to the Vulcanix Underground to stop the volcano from erupting. There, they confronted the false King Otar -- who was revealed to be Edgar under a terrible enchantment. At that moment, Malicia arrived and teleported Rosella to the inside of the volcano. After digging her way out, she reentered the Volcano Control Room and awoke King Otar, together they stopped the volcanic eruption. Then, Edgar arrived once more with Valanice in tow -- followed only momentarily by Malicia. She and Edgar engaged in a magical duel, in which she slew him. It gave Rosella a chance to use a mysterious device to transform Malicia and her dog Cuddles into infants. Then, she gave a Spare Life to Edgar, resurrecting him. Edgar asked if he could woo Rosella, and she consented.

Valanice and Rosella soon returned to Daventry and regaled Graham with tales of their adventures. Eventually, Edgar and Rosella would become the heirs of Daventry.

Mask of EternityEdit

When the Mask of Eternity was shattered, Rosella was turned to stone in the ensuing Cataclysm. She was restored when Connor repaired the Mask.

Canon ImagesEdit


AGDI UniverseEdit


Rosella in KQ3 Redux

Rosella and Edgar become the rulers of Etheria, as predicted in the Father's curse.

Infamous AdventuresEdit

Rosella convinces Graham to allow her to sacrifice herself to the dragon, this is her idea and she faced her fate bravely. When Alexander saves her, she is certain of who he is without seeing the evidence of his birthmark.

The Silver LiningEdit

Rosella is cursed by a mysterious cloaked stranger at her wedding to Edgar.

Revenge of the Black CloakEdit

During their engagement, Edgar and Rosella rescued Princess Yvette and Graham.

Non-Canon ImagesEdit

Real WorldEdit

Rosella is one of the main characters of King's Quest, appearing in King's Quest III: To Heir is Human, King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder, King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow, King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride, Hoyle I & Hoyle 3, as well as the novels King's Quest: Kingdom of Sorrow, King's Quest: See No Weevil, King's Quest: The Floating Castle, and the short story Rosella's First Quest, and the King's Quest Companion. She is mentioned in King's Quest: Mask of Eternity. She appears in the fan games King's Quest III Redux by AGDI, the VGA remake of KQ3 by IA, and The Silver Lining by Phoenix Online Studios. She is seen in the fan fiction Revenge of the Black Cloak Society.

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