The Relics of the Tower are a set of magical artifacts given as a reward to those powerful mages who reached the rank of master in the Lost Tower of Mages. Each master mage received a....

  • Swirling Globe of the Tower
  • Clasped Tome of the Tower
  • Energized Stone of the Tower
  • Many Mooned Hat of the Tower
  • Chromatic Robe of the Tower
  • and the spell Shrouded Aura of the Tower

Official DescriptionEdit

In the Haven game on Facebook, each item bears the following description:

  • "Granted to those few sorcerers who attain the rank of master, in the fabled Tower of the Lost Mages."

Real WorldEdit

The items of the Relics of the Tower can be bought by Haven on Facebook players from the Temple in game for 30 favor points each. The Swirling Globe grants +55 intelligence. The Clasped Tome grants +1 strength, +10 agility, and +35 intelligence. The Energized Stone grants +55 intelligence. The Many Mooned Hat grants +5 strength, +5 agility, and +45 intelligence. The Chromatic Robe grants +55 intelligence. The Shrouded Aura grants +5 agility and +50 intelligence.

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