Scouts found the evil sorcerer Guzbal hiding in a cave, protected by metal golems. General Armos employed the Warlord to sneak past the golem using a Cloak of Shadow and slay the evil mage before he could open another portal and bring his undead armies into the world.

Official DescriptionEdit

The in-game text for this quest is:

"Our scouts have discovered the cave where the evil sorcerer Guzbal is hiding, A massive giant metal Golem protects the entrance. You must sneak past the Golem to reach the sorcerer's chambers and slay him before he opens another portal for the undead."

Real WorldEdit

This is a Treasure Quest from the social networking game The Warlords, found in the chapter General Armos' Commission and first available at level one. It requires a Cloak of Shadows and 3 energy to complete, and rewards the player with 2 experience and 13 coins.

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